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About Kinora Wands

Kinora Wands were created as a daily tool and compass directing you toward the very desires that have stirred within your heart for so long. Beyond being sources of solace, these cards are conduits of wisdom, mentors in their own right, and allies in your sacred purpose of sharing the unique gifts you carry as a soul embodied on Earth.


A note from Melinda

As a co-author of Kinora Wands, my highest intention for you is that they lead you exactly where your heart has been longing to go for so long. May these cards not only provide support but also guide, teach, and assist you in sharing the incredible gifts that you are here on Earth to embody.

Take the time to learn, pause, and reflect even briefly, before taking that next step. These cards are infused with the utmost love and intention for you. Whether they’ve come to you through word-of-mouth or a dream, or through a specific energy you wish to work with, they are here to support you from start to finish. They’ll accompany you in your handbag, rest on your desk, be by your side as you sleep, and provide you with unwavering confidence as you journey forward.

I sincerely hope and firmly believe that once you’ve received, cherished, and engaged with the Kinora Wands, you’ll never look back. These wands are exceptionally special and represent a gift to the world during this time.

Melinda xx

andrea vella – co-author

A word from Andrea

Collaborating with Melinda to bring the Kinora Wands card deck to life has been an immense honor. Being part of this creation, intimately connecting with the scenes and themes captured within these cards, has been a transformative journey for me.

The invaluable lessons and profound experiences I’ve garnered during this process will forever hold a special place in my heart, and I am deeply appreciative for the deep personal and spiritual transformation that this special project has brought into my life.

Andrea xxx

Dedication to Country

We are extremely grateful to the traditional custodians of the lands on which Kinora Wands were created. We pay our respects to Ancestors and Elders, past, present and future. We honour the unique cultural and spiritual relationships to the land, waters and seas and their rich contribution to our culture.

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