Fairy Bridge

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#44: Fairy Bridge

“Nature’s healing”

Fairy Bridge comes through today to support you in bridging the physical and non-physical worlds.
Your unique energy holds a breathtaking gift of inner-knowing.

You have the ability to attune to the elemental kingdom, animals and nature spirits. This allows you to translate the energy into messages of hope, truth, and creativity.

At this time, you may find yourself called to be at one with nature. Follow the calling. Trace your fingers over the outlines of flowers, let the butterflies and dragonflies lead you further into nature, further into wonder, further into yourself.

Many places of healing open up unexpectedly, both in nature and in day-to-day life. You always tend to be in the right place at the right time.


Alternative Meanings:

Seer of truth; psychic abilities; the power of love always wins; authenticity; speak and live your truth; love, rainbows & butterflies.

Suggested Actions:

  • Play an Equilibrium Swinging Chime.
  • Bridge to your inner child through play and creative expression.
  • Design and make a fairy garden.
  • Turn off technology and sit quietly in nature.
  • Fairy floss and fairy bread to lighten the spirit.
  • Find a quiet space and listen to the guided meditation below.

Suggested Linked Modalities:

  • Amethyst & Labradorite crystals.
  • Sound healing.
  • Tibetan bowls.


This original meditation was created for Kinora Wands by Melinda Smith. Find a quiet space and listen to the channelled meditation by clicking on the audio link below.

Fairy Bridge

by Melinda Smith | Kinora Wands