Generational Blooming

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#8: Generational Blooming

“Listen to the children”

This is a celebration of generations and of the birthing of New Earth energy.

Be present with this earth and grounding energy and let it teach you about life, and about birthing. For that’s what you’re doing. You’re birthing a whole new paradigm. This is a blooming of new beginnings and generations.

Generational Blooming looks to declutter the energy field, especially around the heart centre. We must heal our own trauma and emotional wounds, and not pass these on to our children’s children.

Taking responsibility is key in releasing patterns, so is self-compassion and self-love.

Through fresh eyes, look around you at the golden playground of dreams, for the next phase of life is ready and waiting to be discovered.


Alternative Meanings:

Spaciousness for women, healing; birthing; birthing of the new; breakthrough souls; celebration of tradition; body of water; heirlooms.


Suggested Actions:

  • Weave a flower crown.
  • Create a fairy garden.
  •  Work with an accredited Hypnotist.
  • Find a quiet space and listen to the guided meditation below.

Suggested Linked Modalities:

  • Spirit Quartz & Green Aventurine crystals.
  • Flower ceremonies & blessings.
  • Bathe in Tea Tree Water.
  • White flower essences.
  • Light a beeswax candle.


This original meditation was created for Kinora Wands by Melinda Smith. Find a quiet space and listen to the channelled meditation by clicking on the audio link below.

Generational Blooming

by Melinda Smith | Kinora Wands