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#50: Sunsation

“Vitality is illuminated”

Space is being held for your health and wellbeing through this card. What does your inner guidance want to illuminate when it comes to this topic?

Sunsation arrives to tell you to tune into your body and your environment to see if there’s an imbalance. Peel back the layers and be brutally honest with yourself. Whatever you resist, persists. Not giving the body what it needs, turns into dis-ease.

Prioritise health, wellbeing and the things that light you up. What natural resources or protocols could be of assistance? A detoxification of mind, body, spirit may be in order.

Where would you like to make a healthy change? Start here.

There may be layers of conditioned programming or false thinking that you need to work through.

Mother Nature holds the answers here. Breathe in her fresh air, sit with what is for a moment, let the sunshine cleanse your energy field. Enjoy the linked meditation.


Alternative Meanings:

Vitamin & mineral deficiency; a diagnosis; seasonal depression; a life changing event; sun healing; a healthy change; education & research; there’s another way.

Suggested Actions:

  • Explore natural alternatives.
  • Yoga.
  • Sun gazing.
  • Sunrise and sunset walks.
  • Re-evaluate health and wellbeing needs.
  • Find a quiet space and listen to the  guided meditation below.

Suggested Linked Modalities:

  • Sunstone crystal.
  • Solar-plexus chakra healing.
  • Lemon essential oil.
  • Visit a nutritionist.
  • Colloidal Silver.


This original meditation was created for Kinora Wands by Melinda Smith. Find a quiet space and listen to the channelled meditation by clicking on the audio link below.

Sunsation Meditation

by Melinda Smith | Kinora Wands