Unlocking Innate Gifts

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#36: Unlocking Innate Gifts

“Tune in, tune up”

Since childhood, you have always had a heightened sense of awareness. You had a knowing, that you often couldn’t express. Many people did not understand your truth, and at times you may have felt invisible, misunderstood & labelled. It’s time for you to acknowledge & celebrate your innate gifts.

Your guides packed your medicine bag full of unique and elaborate gifts in order to be able to navigate the complex and irregular pathways that be life.

Your gifts were transported down by the golden thread and in the womb via the umbilical cord. Perhaps these gifts are returned to you from a previous lifetime. Maybe you have dreamt of your future self, with your super abilities.

With this card, you are fully seen in your knowing. Light up your gifts, don’t hide behind them. Through nature, through the eyes of a child, through pure joy and inspiration, you are rejuvenated. Follow your curiosity and the pops of inspiration.
The time is now to fully step into your creative power. This is the centre from which you co-create with the natural world and the Universe, so don’t look at how others express theirs. Your creative genius lies only in you.


Alternative Meanings:

Telepathy; clairvoyance; clairsentience; gut instinct; hunches; an artist; a little eccentric; pave your own path; lost in the school system; animal connection.

Suggested Actions:

  • Celebrate your achievements.
  • Take a Lapidary class.
  • Ceramics & Pottery.
  • Find a quiet space and listen to the  guided meditation below.

Suggested Linked Modalities:

  • Dream, art or colour therapy.
  • Kinesiology


This original meditation was created for Kinora Wands by Melinda Smith. Find a quiet space and listen to the channelled meditation by clicking on the audio link below.

Unlocking Innate Gifts

by Melinda Smith | Kinora Wands