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Sun Sep 15, 2024

8:45am for 9:00am am start – 4pm (7hrs)

Heavensabove Helensburgh: 43 The Ridge, Helensburgh NSW

Kinora Wands Bloom Immersion Workshop

Join Melinda Smith and Andrea Vella for 2nd-intake workshop whereby we journey through the new energetic lense of Aludra. You will learn Level One Aludra’s healing modality whereby we channel Aludra’s light energy, use symbols, and sequence to filter healing through the physical body. Aludra offers up to us a deepening and depth of connection through our hearts. As we individually connect and apply the healings learnt to ourselves, we will learn how to extend this healing to clients/family/friends through distant healing & universally.

We will be practising using our Kinora Wands light healing cards to level up our skills, illuminating our readings and having a fabulous time together.

No past experience is necessary – the cards do all the work for us and practicing with them makes Kinora Wands light up.

Melinda will also guide deep meditation and visualisation exercises on the day which will support connection to self.

If you feel called or connected to join us as part of this workshop. please reserve your space at the link.

What we suggest to bring: Kinora Wands Light Guidance Deck, Yoga mat, Journal & Pen, Blanket, Pillow, Water Bottle. 

Exchange: $299

Event T&C’s can be here.

zoom readings

Kinora Wands Card Readings

Needing insight or direction on a specific question or situation?

Kinora Wands Intuitive Video Recordings are available.

A personalised video recording with Melinda Smith including your card spread will be emailed to you within 24-48 hrs.

$60 | 15 mins

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